Is It True, You Become What You Think About?

Michael Mints
2 min readNov 9, 2021

“We become what we think about.” — Earl Nightingale

It’s been debated by many — spiritual leaders, philosophers, and poets — whether we become what we think about. But it can be proven with science that, in fact, “what we think, we become.”

Of course, we’re talking about concepts and not tangible things. If you are constantly thinking about donuts, you’re not going to become a donut. But instead, what that donut represents in your life you become.

Essentially, suffering and pain are unavoidable in life, but we can alleviate the suffering from our own minds with each thought we think.

You can consider this the “Law of Attraction, The Secret, or anything else,” but it’s not magic; it’s the science of the brain. Nightingale says that whatever we are thinking about most of the time truly shapes our minds.

When you think painful, negative, shameful thoughts most of the time, you will struggle to be happy and prosperous even while having positive experiences.

In other words, your inner world manifests itself in your outer world.

If you’re thinking uplifting, joyful, positive thoughts most of the time, you will find more joyful, uplifting, and positive experiences in your outer world as well.

So, how do you utilize this principle (superpower) to benefit yourself?

Your thoughts and your goals are two separate things! I’m not trying to dissuade you from setting goals. Just the contrary, GOALS are critical to your success in life.

But, to accomplish your goals and be successful in life, your thoughts must compliment your goals.

When you apply “we become what we think about,” your thoughts and thinking become almost real visualizations of your success and goals.

If your goal is to lose weight, you want to think about the thoughts that relieve your stress and make you feel good in your body while applying real-life applications like exercising and eating clean.